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You are like the popular tales have a cheerful and pleasant character, following the prevailing lifestyle and "ignore" on various issues.

You are happy in political books: has a firm character and love of fame, independent and likes a challenge, exceeding your interest in reality and do not like to imitate others in establishing social interaction.

You are fond of history books: the past was idolized and have memories and love to take lessons and advice from the past. He is a lot more of the following forward-looking in his life, as well as love to see any wisdom before taking a decision.

You are fond of classic books: similar to the previous character, that is, those who love history books, only he has a tendency more to realize the nature of something that he faces as well as adhering to the ethics and manners are commendable.

You are fond of books of biography: it has character and is very arrogant ostentation before men, as if ua person who read the book.

You are fond of plants books: character like peace, away from interfering in the affairs of life or serious harm.

You are inclined to books sya'ir: having fun characters in the painting and the birds and other animals. love poems to criticize others than his pleasure in his poetry he sendirikarena quickly feel proud and happy.



Every person has a unique movement that shows his character ... And in every movement has a meaning that can help you understand the personalities of those around anda.Tetapi keep in mind, observe the movement is something that is easy and very open opportunity, but the understanding and interpretation of the movements This is another thing.

For example, in the middle of the rainy weather for example ... you see a woman's fingers clasped his hands in front of the data. You can interpret that this woman was upset waiting for the news and he does not know whether the good news or not ... He wanted to calm her heart and her heart as if to say: "There will be some good news and it will not happen". Or perhaps in his heart he said: "I have to believe that I was in no anxiety ..."

In the other corner in the rain, you find a man who crossed her arms folded without the slightest removed. While the second leg interconnected and both hands gripping the man ... The movement is thus displayed an upset, like he was waiting for people who travel, or maybe he is a man who is on the way that it is not believed, would reap the success of his journey or not ...

If you leave the focus on people who are upset today ... you might find that three people were menelephon ... one of them stood with the body upright and looked tense, watching the people in front of him without escape. Men like that give you an illustration that he was talking with one of his rivals on the other side of the telephon ...

While the second man stood relaxed and comfortable way, putting his weight on one side of his body ... and in the midst of his talk he moved to the other side, so continue to alternate between the two sides, even breath in his chest. He had occasionally seen looking to the ground and bowed his head like a reject load and muttered: "yes ... yes ..." The man means being in a relaxed condition, but he also felt something else visible from the direction the conversation, but he tried to hide the truth ... Perhaps the interlocutor is an old friend from his wife ... or ...

While the third man you see hiding the wrinkles of his face and turned his back ... while his body hidden so that passersby can not see it. His shoulders are turned to hide his face from the vision, until his head leaning to one direction. He also held with the palm of his hand telephon ... like he was listening telephon which speak for themselves ... People like this seem to be going to talk about something that is confidential

. ****

ARTI smile


Now we switch from rain to smile ... There are several popular types of smile .... Smile that is, the width, transverse ... and a wry smile.

· A smile is ... her teeth are not visible. We often see this smile if someone does not join in an ongoing ... he was smiling to himself alone ....

· A smile wide ... so that the teeth visible in a clear and open eye was caught by a smile ... a smile of welcome was at large in the middle of a meeting among friends or when the parents met with her son ...

· A smile that crossed ... you see it in the form of a common sight on the sidelines of a lie ... It was the smile that has a relationship with a laugh. Upper and lower teeth open and clearly visible ... rarely happens in public eye smile.

· A smile ... a smile stretching occurs when we want to speak with caution. Both lips cover the upper and lower teeth ... smile that did not contain such a deep meaning ... He was smiling, but in fact was bland ...

· There is also called with a wry smile ... just look at the face of the frightened girls.

· There is also a smile as we go along ... People in general have the property in accordance with the behavior of roosters ... some people to be perfect like that sometimes cocky rooster ...

· We used to meet a fast paced hands on her hands and arms with an open shirt ... Such people usually are on the back of certain matters ...

· The people who walked and slid his hands in his pockets ... even if the weather is hot this man still hides his hands like this ... What are the people who like to belittle others ...

· The man who walked with a shuffling of his feet, while his hands in his pockets, occasionally looking up or looked in the direction he goes ... He was so sad and depressed ...

· The man who walked with step so slow ... sometimes stopped to kick a small pebble he found in looking down the road ... little to reverse the last leaf left on the ground ... this means he is busy thinking and concentration of thought of something ....

· There are men who walk, puffing out his chest ... lifted her chin ... Move both hands while it is running in a redundant manner, while his legs wide apart ... step ... man so proud of him and a little complacent, forgetting myself ...



The Chinese people have an advantage in reading facial lines and what is etched on the two sides to determine the health condition, and determine the steps before the pain anticipation. The physicians believed that China sanyat face is the mirror of the body. He's like a piece of paper that is written in the formulas above, if known to the person who can read will behold the health condition of the owner. The world has not known a method of treatment except lately after the investigators began trying to pay attention to every thing that is scarce. But Chinese medicine is believed from the beginning is better than a thousand types of drugs were not born yesterday afternoon, but rather refers to the sixth century BC. He is an integral part of the perfect life.

The physicians argued that China is implied in every face in touch with members through the power of neural circuits. Therefore, when this power is weakening effect on the body member with a sense of fatigue and lethargy, so that the signs in the pores of the face such as reddish streaks or patches under the eyes or the appearance of the two hard lines, or dry mouth and broken, and all it shows on the blockage of one of the neural circuitry of taste.

If some doctors in the West against this treatment method, in truth they have been using it without their knowledge! Would not a doctor using the (sign) on the lower eyelid to check the condition of the blood? Is it not that popular spots that spread around the eyes showed lower body fluids?

John Candevour physician, author of "10 Days of Recollection" says: "If you discuss the various styles in treating skin problems, you sometimes need a lot to see behind the face".

Because of this, consider some signs that can indicate the condition of your health:

1 - Signs:

Oily skin appears hard lines and wrinkles, redness between the two eyebrows, redness and swelling on the eyelid.

Indications: Diseases in the liver (liver)

Way of healing:

Keep the condition of the heart free from fats and oils. Make it easy for business by reducing your consumption of animal oil and milk and cheese, grains, sugar and soft drinks. Increase your consumption of vegetables in green because it is an important source for the required elements Betakarotin heart. Cook food completely and eat two hours before heading to bed. The Chinese people believe that the heart can be freed of fat between the night of the eleventh and the dawn of the third. Therefore, you should not burden him in the end times, you try to be patient because physicians China argues that the heart is hiding tempaty lives.

2 - Signs

Pinto under the eyelid

Indications: Kidney problems

Recovery Efforts:

The kidneys act as filters that clean the blood of impurities and restore the levels of cell in the body. As for salt, caffeine may damage the function. Because it should be kept to a minimum. Likewise shall also reduces cold food and ice and burned foods, like toast because it can worsen the condition. Eat light meals and a bit warmer and preferred grain and wild greenery, meaning that grow from the ground. Increase your sleep and let your eyes closed, because it is the center of pressure points associated with the two renal function is impaired.

3 - Signs:

Lips dry and cracked and the color is bluish

Indications: Diseases of the stomach


Reduce consumption of raw foods and whole grains because it can overload the digestive functions and occasionally lead to the emergence of a sort of acid. And therefore stay away from processed food and foods with rough ground, because it requires a serious digestive process. Replace it with yellow rice greenery funds. Do not forget to chew your food well (20 times each a bribe) and do not push your activities, but you are allowed to engage in other activities such as reading, talking or watching television.


4 - Signs

Patches of bluish or greenish in the eye near the nose

Indications: Disorders of the pancreas


The pancreas has a separate function of insulin which acts to maintain normalcy in blood sugar levels. Reduce consumption of fatty foods and over-cooked and heated, because it can eliminate sugar stability. Replace it with green food and starch are not quickly terbaka and cooked fruits and grains. Do not forget breakfast and try to incorporate bij grains and butter to perfection perfectly well. Sometimes doing small tasks and fragmentary better than one or two big task because it can prevent blood sugar levels stable.

5 - Signs:

Red color of the ears more than the face, eyes blurred and encircled black spots.

Indications: Swelling of the hormone adrenaline


The hormone adrenaline is important to fight for the many types of hormones. Mental fatigue and physical conditions can cause swelling of the adrenal in the form of a strong and accelerating liver damage and improve blood circulation. Live the life with ease. Solve what is causing the stress and take a shortcut to solve it. Yoga is very helpful. Avoid drinking coffee and eating a lot of soft drinks containing caffeine because it can increase the swelling of Adrenalin.


6 - The emergence of the small muscles that stand out and rosy cheeks

Indications: Damage to the respiratory tract


Stop consuming dairy products and cheese can add a chest pain. Eat rice and leafy greenery, warm ginger suguhkan because it can relieve the buildup of phlegm. Breathe the clean air as much as possible and Arrange your workplace as comfortable as possible and Increase greenery around you because it can increase the levels of oxygen in the air. Try to sing just once every day to make you relax and relieve your tension.

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